Car rental
with driver

Quick car pickup
Lowest price
No car pickup fee

Car rental from Elit Taxi in Kyiv is provided on hourly, daily and long-term basis. We offer a high level of service at affordable prices and with quick car pickup. When ordering a car rental service with driver from us, you can be sure that every car regularly undergoes a technical inspection, and every driver is a professional who he has a good sense of direction in the city.

Car rental with driver

Standard Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry, Volkswagen Passat B8
Price for 1 hourUAH 400
Price for 6 hoursUAH 1 700
Price per day (12 hours)UAH 2 800
Business Toyota Camry (V70), Ford Fusion
Price for 1 hourUAH 500
Price for 6 hoursUAH 2 100
Price per day (12 hours)UAH 3 500
Minivans Toyota Sienna
Price for 1 hourUAH 500
Price for 6 hoursUAH 2 100
Price per day (12 hours)UAH 3 500
Premium Individual
Premium Individual Mercedes S350 Long (W222), Lexus ES, Toyota Avalon
Price for 1 hourfrom  UAH 850
Price for 6 hoursfrom  UAH 3 000
Price per day (12 hours)from  UAH 5 000
Crossovers Mitsubishi Outlander, Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, Hyundai Tucson
Price for 1 hourUAH 500
Price for 6 hoursUAH 2 100
Price per day (12 hours)UAH 3 500

Advantages of renting car with driver from Elit Taxi

  • Quick pickup

    Quick pickup

    Delivery of car is effected up to 20 minutes. Operating on the market as a taxi service for over 24 years, we were able to arrange the logistics of our cars in such a way that the pickup was as quick as possible. And therefore, when launching the car rental service with driver in the city of Kyiv, we consider all the details, and we are sure with confidence that the pickup of car you choose for rent will be as quick as possible.

  • Lowest price

    Lowest price

    Rent a car with driver, starting from UAH 400.00 for 1 hour. Operators of our car rental service with driver regularly monitor prices over the car rental market with driver, in order to make the most favorable conditions for our Clients. You can be sure that you will receive a high level of service at fairly loyal and competitive prices.

  • No car pickup fee

    No car pickup fee

    We have developed the most understandable tariff plan and now we are the only ones who do not charge for any car pickup with personal driver that you order for your own use and convenient movement around the city. Choose a car, order it and see for yourself.

  • International trips abroad

    International trips abroad

    Traveling abroad requires special attention. It is extremely difficult to quickly find a comfortable car with professional driver and provide safety guarantee. But for our car rental service, this is not a problem at all. We will take you or your family abroad or meet you or your family from abroad. The modern fleet of vehicles and professional drivers with the right to travel abroad is another advantage that distinguishes us from competitors in the car rental market.

  • English speaking drivers

    English speaking drivers

    Upon request, we, with no trouble, will provide you with an English-speaking driver. The highly professional English-speaking driver can meet your business partners or delegation and help you travel around Kyiv and other cities. Also, you can always count on our managers. They provide high-quality English-speaking service and solve any transport issues.

What do you get when ordering the car rental with driver from Elit Taxi?

  • A big selection of modern and comfortable cars
  • Professional drivers
  • We can provide a quick pickup of car to any point in Kyiv
  • Availability of English-speaking drivers and managers
  • When ordering a car with taxi checker, a special advantage and time saving is provided for movement of public transport lanes
  • Rent for hour, special conditions for day/month/long-term
  • Exclusive drinking water
  • Any payment method (cash, POS-terminal, bank transfer with or without VAT)
  • We consult and accept your orders 24/7

How to order our service?

When ordering the car rental service with driver from Elit Taxi, you get many advantages and high level of service. This service is relevant both when planning trips over long distances, and during trips around the city of Kyiv. You may not know the city or you may not want to look for a long time where to park your car, that is why renting a car with driver solves all main transport issues, you just have to enjoy the trip.

The highly qualified manager will answer any questions and provide contacts for all available cars. Previously, you can be aware of yourself with the tariffs and models of the modern fleet on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the cost of renting the car with driver?

When ordering the car rental with driver from Elite Taxi, you can always be sure that all cars regularly undergo technical inspection at certified service stations, and washing and cleaning of the interior is required before pickup.

Car rental with driver includes:

  • car rental payment
  • services of highly qualified driver

  • payment for fuel

What time in advance can you rent the car with driver?

Both luxury and business class cars are available in our service, We offer a car pickup as quicker as possible in Kyiv, so you can place an order 20 minutes before desired time (if chosen car is vacant) and be sure that a driver will be waiting for you on time, taking into account all your wishes.

What cars can be rented with driver?

The modern and comfortable fleet of vehicles, professional and experienced drivers is available at our service.

For different needs, choose your car class: standard, business, and minivans, as well as luxury class cars. You will be guaranteed to feel as comfortable and safe as possible in every class of cars.

Rent a car with a driver in Kyiv - comfort in every trip

In today's world, mobility has become integral part of our lives. Whether you are planning an important business trip, a special event, or just need reliable and comfortable transportation, car rental with driver from Elite Taxi is the answer to your needs.

Our car rental service with a driver in Kyiv gives you the opportunity to choose from a wide range of premium cars that meet your requirements for quality, style and comfort. From business class to exclusive VIP options, we offer the highest standard of service for every customer.

Car with driver for rent: luxury, convenience and professionalism

When you rent a car with a driver from vip taxi in Kyiv, you don't just get your car keys. You get a highly qualified driver who ensures safe, efficient and comfortable transportation.

You can order a car with a driver for a day, for a few hours, or for any other period that you need. We are flexible and ready to accommodate your schedule, providing first-class service at every stage of your journey.

Renting a business car with a driver is representativeness in every trip

In the field of business first impression is of great importance. In this regard, choosing the right vehicle is key. With Elite Taxi, you can be sure that renting a business car with a driver in Kyiv will leave an unforgettable impression on your partners, clients, or guests.

We offer a wide selection of business class cars, including premium models from leading global manufacturers. Our drivers are highly qualified professionals who will ensure you arrive on time at your destination with maximum comfort.