Rental Toyota Corolla with driver

Rent Toyota Corolla with driver in Kyiv. This city sedan boasts the fairly large interior and roomy luggage compartment. An excellent choice for usual daily travels.

₴ 400 / hour
Car pickup and first hourUAH 400
Every next hourUAH 400
Rent for 6 hours (within the city up to 100 km*)UAH 1 700
Rent for the whole day (12 hours) (within the city up to 150 km*)UAH 2 800
Weekly rent (within the city up to 900 km*)UAH 15 700
Monthly rent (within the city up to 2800 km*)UAH 54 000
*Cost of additional 1 km in city - 15 uah/km
Outside the city, payment is only for mileage - 30 uah/km
(calculated for both directions)